Our firm prides itself on being a resource to the local community. Our wide range of services are designed to be comprehensive in addressing your concerns. They also assist in answering questions that you may not think to ask. This is why many of our clients have been with us since the beginning. A conversation is the best place to begin.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Your financial matters are serious, confidential issues. We prefer to develop long-term relationships with clients and each one receives personal and professional attention. People choose our firm for peace of mind, which is why we take the time to explain your taxes to you. We place high value in maintaining current and accurate filings with the IRS. We place an even greater value on your confidence in those filings.

Service includes preparation of:

  • Federal income taxes including form 1040

  • State income taxes

  • Multi-state returns

  • E-filing

  • Preparation of estimates

  • Projections for payroll withholdings

  • Representation during an IRS or state audit

  • Electronic access to documents and filings

  • Secure transmission of information

Our family is growing this year and CTC was able to look at our specific situation with us to see how our new addition would impact our tax return. They were also able to help with filing multiple state returns for my wife who travels for work. It’s refreshing to have a personal touch to our taxes!
— Josh Eanes

Estate and Trusts

Difficult conversations are easier the earlier you have them.  Our professionals have broad and deep experience in addressing the concerns of our clients and their heirs.  Since 1980, we have been able to assist in designing our clients’ finances and see the plans come to fruition.  Our methods are time tested and reliable.

  • 1041 preparation

  • Estate tax considerations

  • Gift tax

  • Assistance with probate and filing of form 706

  • Family planning discussions



Although money isn’t everything, we understand that many of life’s decisions are rooted in personal finance.  Whether it is the viability of starting a new business, thinking about sending your children to college, or if numbers just aren’t your thing, we can help.  The best way to address complex and long-term concerns like these is to sit down together and talk through them.

Service includes assistance with:

  • Contractor’s license applications

  • Divorce tax and planning implications

  • Retirement planning

  • Need for bookkeeping and payroll

  • Personal financial matters

  • Organizing personal activities into a business model

CTC have been my advisors for over 14 years. During those years, they masterfully handled some very complex tax issues for me, as well as giving me guidance and counsel each year. CTC’s focus on achieving the very best results for each of their clients creates a bond and trust. I am fortunate to have been the recipient of their care.
— Rusty Page, Senior Vice President, Paragon Bank